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Happy New Year 2019 from Doran Beach in Bodega Bay

I would title our beach walk today ‘Day of the Dog’.  Tony and I must have seen 50+ dogs on our beach walk.  Many people out enjoying the beautiful weather.  The beach was calm compared to the previous week and the waves were relatively flat.  The debris washed up on the beach from previous storm had all been washed away and the sand was smooth and glistening.  The temp was about 63 degrees with no wind.  That evening the temp was around 55 degrees with a gorgeous sunset and still no breeze.  Quite typical of non-stormy days in Nov-Feb which is my favorite time of the year at the beach in Bodega Bay.

Tony had a great time and as typical left his own calling card on every bit of wood and seaweed encountered on our 4 mile journey.  Sort of a doggie social media…posting and reading.

Here are sunset pics from the Gull Harbour home.  From the deck, inside living room and from the dining room windows.