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Sonoma County Regional Parks – Water Bark Park

Sonoma County Regional Parks includes many beautiful parks and beaches to hike and play throughout the county.  With more than 50 to choose from, there is always something fun going on.  Currently at Spring Lake Regional Park on weekends the Lagoon is closed to people but open to dogs on the weekends.  The Spring Lake Lagoon water has been treated and is tested weekly.  The entire Lagoon is fenced off and the entry/exit is by supervised gate making it a great place for the dogs to RUN free. Water Bark is a GREAT day for dogs to romp, swim and catch with other well-behaved dogs.  My family has been taking our pups for years.  We stay hours at a time and they just LOVE it.  Here is a link with more info: Be sure and check dates.  Usually runs Sat/Sun thru Sept with occasional hour/date changes due to pre-scheduled events.

Local pet businesses sponsor providing biscuits, buckets of tennis balls and frisbee’s. There are even lifeguards patrolling the lake.

Families staying in our Pacific View home that allows dogs, great way to socialize your pet while family members tour Santa Rosa or walk the Spring Lake trail.  There are also water craft rentals as well for families with kids.  Spring Lake also runs a grill that sells drinks/burgers/hot dogs, etc.

The Sonoma County Regional Parks pass that I leave in both Pacific View and Gull Harbour will get you into Spring Lake Park bypassing the parking fee.  There is a small fee to enter the water bark lagoon area per pet.