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Bodega Bay Rentals | Policies - Q & A

Below are some of the more common questions we are asked...Should you have one not listed, don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I book a home?

  • Go to page (see TABS above) of home interested in and check Availability & Booking Calendar; Fill in info and Calculate stay. Indicate whether you'll pay via check or credit card.
  • An email will be sent to me. I check emails and reply several times a day. (Sending TEXT will get reply within minutes.) I'll verify availability and email YOU back a payment link and Contract to sign.
    • If paying via credit card you'll fill in credit card # info and be provided with receipt after processing. Contract will be sent via digital link (digital signage) for quick processing. I use for credit card payment.
    • If paying via check I'll provide payment link with address and link to print Contract. Return via USPS and let me know its on its way.
    • I send out Welcome Packets to the home with all home info: Directions/Address/Key Info/Home Guidelines/Area Activities/Groceries...etc about one week prior to reserved stay. Contact me anytime with questions prior to rental. Emails/texts are easy ways for me to quickly reply.

What is the best way to get in touch? Guests staying in our homes have our cell #'s and we are available 24/7. For inquiries, the fastest way to reach us is via email or TEXT. Every email sent to us gets a response. Sometimes (although we try) its just impossible to answer phone inquiry the minute it comes in as I'm at coast cleaning. Emails are much easier as we can answer late at night/early morning. We check emails several times a day. We are happy to call a potential guest that has questions that cannot be answered via email or at time received, but emails are always the quickest way of reaching us. Guests who stay in our homes have our cell numbers and contact with us 24/7. Leave a msg. and we will return ASAP if you don't reach us immediately. Texting ?'s good option as well.

Should I rent a home from a homeowner or an agency? Although we own our homes in Bodega Bay we also manage them along with a number of other residential & commercial properties throughout Sonoma County. Owning and managing our rentals gives us the opportunity to 'micro-manage' them in a way that agencies never could. Bodega Bay Rentals, LLC is a licensed business. We have rented out homes in Bodega Bay since 2001. See our ABOUT US page for advantages to renting through a homeowner!

Are you available if I have a question? We work in/out of the Harbor and live only 15 minutes from our Bodega Bay homes and are available 24/7 when a guest is in our homes. You'll have our home #'s and cell numbers. In addition we keep binders in the home with guidlelines to the home and surrounding community. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Local managers also keep an eye on our homes and are available when we are out of area.

What if something breaks? Although we can't predict when something will break we often catch things before a guest will simply because we 'manage' our own properties and are so familiar with the home. In addition, Dave has licensing in Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical and runs Acrat Plumbing & Heating. Therefore we not only have the experience and the manpower to 'fix' a problem, we have the supplies in our shop as well.

What time is check-in/check-out? Check-in time is 4pm; check-out time is 11am. That is the STANDARD in the harbor. I'm usually much more flexible and almost always have keys & homes available earlier. If able, I'm happy to provide later check-outs on departure days if home is not booked or maintenance not scheduled. I'll let you know exactly in welcome packet.

OCCUPANCY: Can we have an extra person who will sleep on the floor or on an airbed? Our homes allow for a stated maximum number of guests. The Bodega Harbour Homeowners Association, Sonoma County and Fire Marshal dictate how many can sleep in our homes. I'm STRICT on occupancy! No more then the maximum is allowed in any of our homes. All guests entering homes will be put on a Lease Agreement. No additional day or night guests are allowed. If you are staying over on a holiday and wish to have an extra guest or two in the home for a holiday meal, I'm flexible BUT you must clear it with me first in writing AT TIME OF BOOKING. If our neighbor/manager calls and the home is over-occupied, you will be in violation of occupancy limits which will result in forfeiture of all monies and immediate termination of occupancy. Questions regarding occupancy, ASK! Additional per person charge (day or night) may be charged for guests over 6 in Pacific View and guests over 8 in Gull Harbour.

PETS: Do you allow pets in your home? NON-shed Pet CONSIDERED-INQUIRE at booking (limited acceptance certain times of year). $75-100 Fee each; Max 2. Must be up to date on shots/DRY in home/Never left alone/leashed when outdoors/over 1.5 yrs+. MUST BE ON A CURRENT FLEA/TICK MEDICATION.

What is the rental fee? Our per night rental fee is listed on the homes rental page. There is in addition a non-refundable cleaning fee and TOT of 12%. We do not rent out 3 nights for 2 during the off-season but DO discount our nightly rate. Our homes are less expensive then the homes around us on average including those that offer the 3 for 2 during our nightly discount periods. We always encourage guests to shop around.

You list a 3-night minimum part of the year but I can only stay 2-nights. Our rental rates are lower then or equal to other homes that offer a 3 for 2 in our area. Check our prices with those of other homes. You end up saving in the long run with us as our nightly rate is cheaper. Our guests who don't stay the additional night...use that time for an early entry or late exit. The longer you stay, the greater the savings. 2-nt stay's offered when available last minute or off-season. Inquire.

What is your cancellation policy? Reservations cancelled 60-days PRIOR to first day of reserved stay are elibible for refund. There may be service fee of $75 if you've held these dates for months blocking calendar. Reservations cancelled less than 60-days prior to reserved stay are non-refundable unless we are able to re-rent that time period. Cancellations must be made in writing.

Do you offer insurance? You can get travel insurance thru Play Travel. Contact us for information.

What type of cleaning do I need to do? Our departure list is very straightforward. Clean up after yourselves putting trash in containers, clean kitchen, start dishwasher (No need to empty), pile used towels on washer, close all windows and doors, extinguish all fires and turn off heat. We will launder linens, clean bathrooms, vaccuum, remake beds, sanitize kitchen, dust, santitize hot tub, haul garbage, etc.

How close to the beach are you? Our homes are on Gull Drive. We have a map on our site indicating where the home is in the Bodega Harbour community. It's in easy walking distance even for a 5 year-old. Pacific View is located 10 driveways or so up from the beach access trail. can see the surf, smell the salt and hear the waves crashing from the home. Gull Harbour is across the street from the beach trail. We also keep a parking pass to Doran Beach State Park in each home for guests to use. It's helpful for families who have a lot of 'stuff' to take and want to make a day of it. Gull Drive is the closest street to the Beach in the Bodega Harbor complex.

What are your rates? See rates page on indiv. homes for indiv. rates. We do NOT charge Booking Fee's and even with a cleaning Fee (agencies build theirs into their rates) we are Less Expensive than comparable homes. Shop around. Four Night Min. on major holidays. Personal Checks accepted in advance; MC/Visa accepted via NO MONEY ORDERS/WIRE TRANSFERS.

NO SMOKING! Thank you!