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Big Surf at Bodega Bay….

On 12/14/18 the National Weather Service issued a high-surf warning for areas along the Northern California coast on Sunday and Monday.  Waves of 25-50 feet could be seen in some areas.  The National Weather Service is warning beachgoers to be extra cautious along the Sonoma Coast during this time.

On Monday, the furry one and I ventured out to take in the coastline to watch the waves.  They were LOUD.  Video and pics do not do them justice.  The waves have been pounding for the last month but these are the largest I’ve seen.  We walked the beach around 11AM careful to stay away from the surf.  High tide (earlier in the day) had the surf coming up to the dunes and at some areas digging in deep to the dunes creating a ridge. There were surfers out and they looked to be having a good time.  Waves on the East end of Doran Beach were the strongest and lessened in intensity as we walked West along Doran beach.  Here are some pics and video.  The weather was a cool 58 degrees with winds 2-3 mph. There were quite a few walkers and even a couple horses later in the morning.

Surf going up all the way to the dunes at Doran Beach in Bodega Bay
Pounding surf cutting into the dunes on Doran Beach. Ocean debris pushed all the way up the dunes at high tide.