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Beautiful Bodega Bay during the Corona virus….

I was in Bodega Bay yesterday.  For those guests looking for places to visit that are still isolated from crowds, Bodega Bay is a wonderful alternative.  My pup and I took a beach walk (2 miles out/2 miles back) and the weather was WARM…hardly a breeze…and the ocean air clean and refreshing.  I cleared my head and went home feeling uplifted.

We have cancelled existing bookings thru April for guests uneasy about travel. Our homes are open for guest stays after April 7.  We have gotten some cancellations but just as many ‘repeat’ guests familiar with our homes have stated their enthusiasm in visiting Bodega Bay. If your healthy and wishing to get away while still feeling isolated, give us a call.

A bit of info about our homes….  We own them. We’ve been renting since 2001 in Bodega Bay and are a licensed LLC.  I personally do ALL the cleaning and as an Ex-RN germaphobe….I’ve NEVER been worried about my family or immuno-suppressed families staying with us over the years.

My cleaning has ALWAYS been thorough and guest reviews back 20 years attest to our homes immaculate caretaking.  I’ve recently added a bit of info on cleaning to help NEW guests feel confident about their visit…

Cleaning: I’ve just painted and done a deep cleaning in the home. I do the cleaning and everything gets a good 4-6 hour scrubbing after each guest. As an Ex-RN germaphobe, I’ve never been worried about my family or our immuno-compromised guests spending time in our home. I use Spray9, Bleach, Windex, etc and have always used Clorox wipes to wipe down knobs, switches, remotes, handles, counters, etc. Laundry is thoroughly cleaned & beds are triple sheeted. I always have baby wipes and Clorox wipes in the pantry for guest use. I wish my own home stayed so clean…. The only changes I’ve currently made are that bedspreads (drycleaned each season) have been removed and replaced with washable coverlets after each guest. Triple sheeting still done…all linens sanitized. In addition I’m allowing 2-5 day gaps btwn stays & opening up the windows/sliders during cleaning to let in the clean crisp coast air. Hot tubs have always been sanitized btwn guests and chemical levels checked routinely.  Questions on cleaning…don’t hesitate to ask. 

Bodega Harbour Golf & Bistro are still open for business and have increased their cleaning procedures if guests are wanting to golf.  I did see perhaps a dozen golfers spread over the Fairways.

Last minute stays welcome (2 days advance notice requested) where available. Take care & be well!


Sonoma County Named Top Travel Destination in the World….

Bodega Bay Rentals, LLC

Does it get any better than that?!  Here is a link to the article in Sonoma Magazine.  Forbes Magazine & Frommer’s Guidebooks have both named Sonoma County one of the best places to visit this year.

Winter weather 2020 has been AMAZING in Bodega Bay.  I’m in Bodega Bay at least 4-5 days a week.  February is my favorite month of the year and this year is no exception.  Add in Dec and Jan  this year as well…its been amazing! Here are some pics I’ve taken over the past several months.

winter beach walks
winter beach walks
evening sunsets in Bodega Bay
evening sunsets in Bodega Bay
Tony loves a night walk....
Sunset beach walks
Best Sunsets in Bodega Bay
Best Sunsets in Bodega Bay

January 2019 events in Sonoma County

kitesurfer_doran beach horses on doran beach doran beach waves
Coming to Bodega Bay in January? One of my favorite months in the harbour! Pics are from Jan 13, 2019 between storm systems.  Take advantage of breaks in weather and hit the beach. One of the best places to hike after a storm!  NO MUD and great finds…to be found…on the beach after a storm.  Especially at low tide! Temps mild and little wind usually.  Socked in with rain??? If not in the mood to cozy up to a movie or good book in the glow of a fire…. Below are some events to get you out and about…

Tides Wharf Crab Feed in Bodega Bay – Jan. 18, Feb. 1 and 22, and March 1 and 15
Feast on chilled Dungeness crab, cocktail sauce, drawn butter, Tides’ mustard sauce, clam chowder, pasta, green salad, and French bread.

Tides Wharf  in Bodega Bay:  Open Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 365 days of the year. Fresh, local seafood and American Cuisine. Made famous as the backdrop to Hitchcock’s classic film ‘The Bird’s’.

Monday-Thursday 7:30 am – 9:30pm
Friday 7:30 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am – 9:30 pm
BAR: Open Daily 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
COFFEE Shop Open Daily 7am

Jan 19 – The Wedding Expo
Sonoma County’s largest bridal show with over 150 local vendors….Find everything you need to make your wedding day dreams come true.
Wedding Expo at Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA

Jan 26 in Bodega Bay – Annual Chowder Day
Enjoy a fun day in the Bodega Bay area sampling chowder at numerous restaurants. Vote for the Best Chowder on the Sonoma Coast. This event will sell out in advance.  Buy Chowder Day tickets here

Pliny the Younger Release – February 1
Russian River Brewing Company’s phenomenally popular Pliny the Younger is released the first Friday of February and is available for just two weeks, Feb. 1-14, 2019.  Pliny-the-Younger Release information

Great Sonoma Crab and Wine Fest – Feb 2, 2019
The premier crab and wine event of the North Bay Area features medal-winning wines, local cuisine and impressive live and silent auctions to support scholarships and education programs. Farm Bureau Crab Feed info

Happy New Year 2019 from Doran Beach in Bodega Bay

I would title our beach walk today ‘Day of the Dog’.  Tony and I must have seen 50+ dogs on our beach walk.  Many people out enjoying the beautiful weather.  The beach was calm compared to the previous week and the waves were relatively flat.  The debris washed up on the beach from previous storm had all been washed away and the sand was smooth and glistening.  The temp was about 63 degrees with no wind.  That evening the temp was around 55 degrees with a gorgeous sunset and still no breeze.  Quite typical of non-stormy days in Nov-Feb which is my favorite time of the year at the beach in Bodega Bay.

Tony had a great time and as typical left his own calling card on every bit of wood and seaweed encountered on our 4 mile journey.  Sort of a doggie social media…posting and reading.

Here are sunset pics from the Gull Harbour home.  From the deck, inside living room and from the dining room windows.

Big Surf at Bodega Bay….

On 12/14/18 the National Weather Service issued a high-surf warning for areas along the Northern California coast on Sunday and Monday.  Waves of 25-50 feet could be seen in some areas.  The National Weather Service is warning beachgoers to be extra cautious along the Sonoma Coast during this time.

On Monday, the furry one and I ventured out to take in the coastline to watch the waves.  They were LOUD.  Video and pics do not do them justice.  The waves have been pounding for the last month but these are the largest I’ve seen.  We walked the beach around 11AM careful to stay away from the surf.  High tide (earlier in the day) had the surf coming up to the dunes and at some areas digging in deep to the dunes creating a ridge. There were surfers out and they looked to be having a good time.  Waves on the East end of Doran Beach were the strongest and lessened in intensity as we walked West along Doran beach.  Here are some pics and video.  The weather was a cool 58 degrees with winds 2-3 mph. There were quite a few walkers and even a couple horses later in the morning.

Surf going up all the way to the dunes at Doran Beach in Bodega Bay
Pounding surf cutting into the dunes on Doran Beach. Ocean debris pushed all the way up the dunes at high tide.


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Doran Regional Park upcoming events and FUN!

Doran Regional Park
201 Doran Beach Road
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Parking: $7 (I leave a Parks Pass in our vacation rentals to bypass having to pay)
Park hours: 7AM to Sunset
Dogs: Allowed on leash
Ranger Phone: 707.875.3540

Doran Beach Weather Station

I’ve mentioned this park/beach ad nauseam but its worth repeating.  AND… there are some fun scheduled events coming up!  October is a great month to visit the coast.  In fact my favorite months are Nov-Feb.  The weather is usually quite nice in Northern California and the ocean is wonderful to behold when there are storms.  There is usually always a few hours to get out and comb the beach even after a good rain.  Lots of objects wash up on the beach and I try and make it a point to head out at low tide. The winds seem to be at their worst during the late spring/summer months in the afternoons.  Evenings say post 6pm can be quite lovely for a sunset walk.

Things to do at Doran Park:

  • Camping: If your a camper, there are a 120 tent and RV campsites year-round.  It can get VERY breezy here so cautions on tent camping…been there, done THAT!  RV’s are great though!  Of course another option is vacation rentals.
  • Trails: Pinnacle Gulch and Short Gulch located in the Bodega Harbour community.  From the rocks on the Eastern Bodega Harbor end of the beach to the jetty at Doran Beach the length of beach is about 2 miles. I absolutely love walking this stretch.  Its flat with a gentle slope and the waves are wonderful.  Occasional sleeper waves even in this area so never turn your back on the ocean.  I MUCH prefer walking in this area then other beaches along the Sonoma Coast.  My pooch (on leash) loves it as well and I know its generally safe for him to run in the water.
  • Extras: There are accessible campsites and boardwalk areas for handicapped individuals and even Beach wheelchairs available.  There is also an electric vehicle charging station in the Cypress day-use parking lot.
  • Beach Play: My kids have grown up on this beach.  Its gentle slope and easy waves have provided for HOURS of boogie boarding, wave jumping and occasionally surfing.  Always nice knowing as well there is the Coast Guard Station located adjacent to Doran Beach should something go south during the day.

Upcoming Events:

  • Tide Pool Talk: November 3, 2018 11AM-12PM; See sea stars, hermit crabs, sea anemones and more.  Listen as a park naturalist walks you thru exploring animals found in our local tide pools.  Meet at the amphitheater the second Saturday of each month  in August, September and November. Free. Parking is $7 or free for Regional Parks members. For more information, call Kristina Stanton at (707) 539-2865.
  • Natural Exploration: Being a Sea Steward November 17, 2018 1PM-3PM: Junior Ranger Program at Doran Beach; Help with a beach cleanup and then explore the tide pools.

Lace up the sneakers or if your like me roll up the pant legs and barefoot it thru the sand and surf. Bring your pet. Forget poop bags? They are provided at the start of beach paths [pack it in..pack it out ;)].  Lots of canine enrichment to be found on the beach.  Every log, bit of seaweed or other vegetation and sea life that washes ashore gets a thorough sniffing from my Aussie Tony along with his anointing it in his own special way ;).  I’m frequently out on the 2 mile stretch up and back.  I start out from beach paths located in the Bodega Harbor South area.  Beach paths are super easy walking distance from our vacation homes. Out the door and to the sand is roughly 5 minutes.  Faster if you have 60lbs of eager fluff pulling you behind on a leash. Early in the day is best for less wind but quite often Nov-Feb afternoon/evenings absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Lots of seals to watch, the occasional whale pods swimming in the inlet and occasionally horses as well trotting thru the waves.

Blustery day for paddle boarders at Bodega Bay’s Doran Beach

Tony was longing for some beach time after 18 days.  I think that was the longest dry spell of his 11 months.  We were on the beach by 11AM  walking [after home check-in’s] and it was breezy.  As typical the winds were all over the place but the temp was warm so still enjoyable.  Tony of course was in heaven and I could tell he missed running in the waves and digging in the sand.  This is his job after all. 


We saw a couple seals come close to the shoreline but gave them a wide berth.  Did not see any babies this time. Few birds in this distance.  I was surprised at the number of people on the beach until I remembered it was a holiday weekend (Columbus Day) and homes in the harbor book out on holidays. Lots of dogs which thrilled Tony…he’s always up to making a new friend.

I’d forgotten about the Blue Water Paddle Race and was happy to see we did not miss it.  We walked up just in time to see the Adult/pet race.  Quite a few racers with their dogs and surprisingly even a GOAT!  The goat seemed very unfazed and unlike many of the dogs maintained his sea legs staying upright on the board! It was a fun event to witness and I was happy to see so many families out enjoying the day.  The weather though at times windy was warm and sunny!  I plan on keeping this event on my calendar and hope to participate should there be a Blue Water Paddle Race 2019 :).  Tony would love it!…I think… 😉

Yes…this last picture is of the goat.  He seemed to be a good sport!

Blue Water Paddle Race 2018 in Bodega Bay

Blue Water Paddle Race 2018


I hope to be on hand to witness this event. I wish I had some practice to be a part of it as my pooch and I are always on the beach!  This will be the 7th Annual Blue Water Paddle Race at Doran Beach but first I’ve heard of it..probably because I’m not a paddle boarder.  I’ve always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  I’m especially keen on watching the Pet-with-Adult division race.  Looks like the overall event supports the Sonoma Coast Surfrider’s efforts to keep the beaches clean and local businesses have donated prizes towards a big raffle.


8:30 am – Check-in and registration
9:45 am – Mandatory Skipper’s Meeting
10:00 am – Racing begins
Noonish – Lunch begins
1 – 2:30 pm – Raffle and awards

Please bring a reusable water bottle.  One of the goals of Surfrider is clean beaches and nothing messes up a beach like single use plastic.

More info at:



California Coastal Cleanup Day

Join millions across this beautiful planet on Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 9AM-12PM Noon at the 34th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day!  Volunteer Appreciation Picnic: 1Pm-3PM. My kids & I have done this cleanup in the past and we are always amazed with the amount of debris dredged up from the sand.

Click here for information

Volunteers will be working Doran Park, Bird Walk Coastal Access Trail, Pinnacle Gulch Trail, Steelhead Beach Park, Cloverdale Park and Gualala Point Regional Park.

How to Register:

Sonoma County Regional Parks

Contact Volunteer Coordinator, John Ryan by email at or by phone at (707) 565-3356 to volunteer at the following parks in Sonoma:

Coastwalk registration links:

See you there!