About Bodega Bay Rentals, LLC:

We have managed commercial & residential properties throughout Sonoma County for more than 25 years. We've owned & rented out homes in Bodega Bay since 2001. Dave runs Acrat Plumbing & Heating and has licensing in Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air; Debbie is an RN and runs Bodega Bay Rentals, LLC since 2001.

In addition, we are active members of our community and in the lives of our three children. Born and raised in Sonoma County we are deeply appreciative of the beauty this area holds agriculturally.

It is our hope that families will discover the beauty and warmth of our home while creating lifelong memories during their stay. Check our guestbook's ~ many of our guests return year after year. We take great pride in our rentals and are most appreciative of our Guests comments.

Advantages of Homeowner run homes...

In most cases an owner run home is going to be less expensive and better maintained. Not only do I do the booking for our homes but I clean them AFTER guests leave as well as prep them BEFORE a guest arrives. In this way I've hopefully headed off any potential problems PRIOR to a guests arrival. I make sure the home is well stocked, everything is in working order, linens are in good condition and the home is CLEAN! I deep clean SEVERAL times a year. Lets be honest...one of the advantages of going to a vacation rental is its not our own cluttered homes where the laundry has stacked up and dishes need to done amid a variety of other 'chores' in the home.

I've a check-list in my head when prepping homes before each and every guest arrives:

  • Home Clean... This is a GIVEN. I've typically just cleaned a day or two prior. When I'm rechecking my cleaning, I'm also looking for ants or pests (esp during rainy weather!). Issues are dealt with.
  • Each room stocked:
    1. Bedrooms: extra pillows/blankets/tissues/lightbulbs working/beds freshly made/TV & WIFI working
    2. Baths: well stocked & clean...TP/fresh towels/tissues/cabinet extra's/soap/shampoo & conditioner
    3. Kitchen (well stocked and clean for cooking): Pantry supplies (varies but better stocked than most)/paper products/foil/ziplocks/dishwasher tabs/soap/towels/coffee/sponges/garbage bags
    4. Living Room: Clean/Tv working/remotes present/extra blankets
    5. Dining Table: Linens out & fresh
    6. Barbeque: Checked/propane good & extra tank garage
    7. Hot Tub: Water clarity and chems checked prior to each stay; filter cleaned. In addition we regulary dump our tubs and replace filters throughout the year
    8. Garage: Beach supplies present/garbage cans clean/recycle clean; extra propane full; remote left in house
  • Last look around...leave paperwork...keys...personal note from US. Heat on/outside light on.

AFTER a guests departure I check paperwork where I've requested guests to leave comments as to any needs I might not have caught in the home or an issue that popped up. Often its as simple as wine opener broke or knives need sharpening. These needs are met and handled BEFORE next guests arrival.

There's always the potential to MISS something but that's pretty rare on my end after 15 years. BUT...if something is missing or issue arises during stay, a phone call clears it up ASAP.

Every guests that has paid to rent a home should expect the same level of quality service.

Acrat Plumbing & Heating

This is the hubs business. Click on name for website info. When your in the vacation rental business it sure is nice to have a Plumber & Electrician in house with supplies on the truck or in the shop! Serving Sonoma, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Clara, & Alameda Counties. Specializing in all aspects of remodels or ground up construction & bio-labs. Licensed in Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Refrigeration & General Contractors Licensing . SSU Degree in Business Administration. Local resident in operation since 1986.

CA Contractor Lic. No: 623720, C-20, C-36, B & C-10

We love being in the outdoors and are often seen running or biking the hills of Sonoma County. Mudruns, Spartan Obstacle Runs, Triathlons, Marathons, etc. We love to be out and about. Favorite Bodega Bay activities... Kayaking, Ziplining, Armstrong Woods hiking, Beach combing... Ask us for info!

  Monte Rio Vineman 2015!

About US:

Bodega Bay Rentals is a Licensed LLC operating in the Bodega Bay area since 2001.

ACRAT Plumbing & Heating is licensed in General Contracting, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Refrigeration. Operating in Sonoma County since 1986.

CA Contractor Lic. No: 623720, C-20, C-36, B & C-10.

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